Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hear clearly now!!! CDPL Music collection display increases profile!

Due to CDPL's increasingly active audio/visual collection, the music CDs have now been expanded to two distinct sections and freeing up space for our growing DVD collection. The original corner of the long rack for music is now devoted to Classical music genres, soundtracks for theater productions, television shows and movies, and national and international folk and ethnic music. The featured CDs on top of these shelves will include the latest soundtracks and classical genre and composers featured in our Sunday concert series.

And recently, we have set up a brand new display rack to the right of the Reference Desk that is devoted entirely to all the popular music genres including Pop, Country & Western, Contemporary Christian/Gospel, Jazz and Rock, Rhythm and Blues.

Finally, in order to help our various music lovers better locate their favorite styles, colorful labels have been added for each major ANSCR Classification which shows which genre is covered by each letter classification (e.g. Jazz - MJ, R- Holiday music, L - Soundtrack music). Some of our featured current albums are pictured to the right. Among the latest titles are more than a few Grammy winners.

As always, our music CDs can be checked out for two weeks and renewed up to three times... just like our books.

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