Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The popular International Film Series will be held on Tuesday nights at 6:45 pm during the months of July and August.  The screenings will be held in the downstairs meeting rooms of the library and there is no registration required.  Refreshments will be served.  Please join us for these excellent films from around the world.

 JULY 3, 2012
WINTER IN WARTIME (2008) (103 min.) Rated R
This powerful drama concerns a Dutch teenager who tries to figure out who he can trust as he hides a wounded RAF pilot from the Nazi occupiers. IN DUTCH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES.
JULY 10, 2012
WHITE WEDDING (2009) (98 min.) Rated PG-13
Set in South Africa, this film is a high-spirited modern day road comedy as a groom and his best man get derailed by one comic misadventure after another on the way to the wedding. IN ENGLISH.
JULY 17, 2012
IN A BETTER WORLD (2010) (118 min.) Rated R
This acclaimed drama from Denmark explores the difficult choices between revenge and forgiveness. Winner of an Academy Award, this film follows two Danish families whose lives are intertwined by the friendship of their sons. IN DANISH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

JULY 24, 2012
THE RULES OF THE GAME (1939) (106 min.) Not Rated
A weekend shooting party at an upper-class French estate is the setting for this witty and scathing look at the corrupt lifestyles of the aristocracy before World War II. Directed by Jean Renoir and considered a masterpiece. IN FRENCH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

JULY 31, 2012
ROMANTICS ANONYMOUS (2010) (78 min.) Not Rated
This delectable French comedy concerns a chocolate maker and a sales assistant as they try to save the company and determine their own relationship. IN FRENCH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

AUGUST 7, 2012
DEPARTURES (2008) (131 min.) Rated PG-13
An unemployed cellist secretly finds work as an apprentice to an undertaker. Winner of the Academy Award, this acclaimed drama has tremendous emotional impact. IN JAPANESE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

AUGUST 14, 2012
PASTORELA (2011) (88 min.) Rated R
The devil is on the loose in this action-packed comedy. It all starts when Chucho misses the deadline to reprise his role as the Devil in his church’s annual play. What ensues is an epic battle that will blur the line between good and evil as he fights for his coveted role. IN SPANISH WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

AUGUST 21, 2012
THE FLOWERS OF WAR (2011) (142 min.) Rated R
Christian Bale stars as an American mortician who is trapped in Nanking in 1937 during the Japanese occupation of the city. He poses as a priest to try and save himself but is forced to make terrible choices when girls and women seek sanctuary in the church. IN ENGLISH AND MANDARIN WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES.
AUGUST 28, 2012
FOOTNOTE (2011) (106 min.) Rated PG-13
This Academy Award nominated film explores the relationship between a father and son who are both Talmud scholars when one of them is awarded a prestigious prize. IN HEBREW WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES.

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