Friday, May 30, 2014


Join us on Tuesday nights in June for classic mystery movies.  The screenings begin at 6:45 pm and are held in the downstairs meeting rooms.  No registration is needed!

JUNE 3, 2014
THE MASK OF DIMITRIOS (1944) (95 min.) Not Rated
Peter Lorre and Sydney Greenstreet team up to solve the murder of a career criminal in this atmospheric film noir.  Based on the novel by Eric Ambler, this thriller also features Zachery Scott and Faye Emerson.

JUNE 10, 2014
LADY ON A TRAIN (1945) (93 min.) Not Rated
Deanna Durbin offers her fans a change of pace in this mystery seasoned with comedy and music.  She is a small-town girl in the big city who witnesses a crime but no one believes her.  This is a very entertaining film which also features Ralph Bellamy, David Bruce, and Edward Everett Horton. 

JUNE 17, 2014
23 PACES TO BAKER STREET (1956) (102 min) Not Rated
Van Johnson is a blind American playwright living in London  who overhears a kidnapping plot and attempts to prevent it with the help of his ex-fiancee and his butler.  This clever thriller also stars Vera Miles and was directed by Henry Hathaway.

JUNE 24, 2014
CHARLIE CHAN AT THE OPERA (1936) (68 min.) Not Rated
Warmer Oland is back as the legendary detective who investigates a murder at an opera house that is haunted by a madman played by Boris Karloff. This film is considered one of the best Charlie Chan films with a stellar cast and loaded with drama and mystery.  Lots of fun!


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